Universal beauty: the best photo of the month from space

NASA showed the best photos from different places in the Universe

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 10:34

Вселенская красота: лучшие фото месяца из космоса

The most mesmerizing pictures of the space

Last month, NASA gave the public access to thousands of photos from space which show the beauty of the vast Universe. However, “Today” has selected five of the best photos of the month not only for the gorgeous and stunning views, but also for their significance to science.

Вселенская красота: лучшие фото месяца из космоса

The surface of the moon is dotted with craters, the bottom of which there is frozen water ice

Last week, NASA said they plan to return to the moon in the next decade. Now NASA is looking for the best place to land on our satellite, where was located the ice beneath the surface. On the moon there are lots of areas with frozen water ice that can be used for the crew. In the photo above, made by NASA, shows a huge accumulation of ice beneath the surface of our natural satellite.

Вселенская красота: лучшие фото месяца из космоса

Streak the surface of Mars, which shows basaltic rocks (dark blue)

From the new lunar station we headed to the next destination NASA – Mars. Space Agency received a oblong the surface of the red planet, which depicted the basaltic rocks (dark blue color), indicating a violent volcanic past. Orange stripe leading from the crater is the result of a strong wind, exposing the soil.

Вселенская красота: лучшие фото месяца из космоса

Four spots – it’s a comet C2018 Y1 Iwamoto, taken with four different exposures

Next comes the comet C2018 Y1 Iwamoto, who in February last year flew close to the Earth at a distance of 1.26.e. Space telescope Neowise captured her flight in the infrared range with four different exposures, so it is in the picture turned into four red spots. More hot stars appear blue, while cooler dust and ice from the comet is shown in red.

Вселенская красота: лучшие фото месяца из космоса

Bipolar protoplanetary Nebula Egg

Fourth in the list is a great shot of a dying star bipolar protoplanetary Nebula Egg. It is relatively fast for Universe phenomenon exists only a thousand years, during which the star sheds its shell and evolyutsioniruet in planetary nebula. Dark stripes and exposed the white sleeves is the material left over from stars that are not very different from our Sun.

Вселенская красота: лучшие фото месяца из космоса

A giant globular cluster Messier 3

For completing a rating of the best photographs of the month with one of the largest globular clusters ever found – Messier 3. It’s a fantastic spectacle, reminiscent of the fireworks explosion, is one of the largest and brightest globular clusters in the Universe. Its age is dated to 8 billion years old and consists of more than 500 thousand stars.

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We will remind that earlier in the Universe discovered twin Earth near the Sun. Also last week received the first ever “live” photos of a black hole.

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