Unknown scattered numerous bundles of hair on the American city

Неизвестный раскидал множество связок волос по американскому городу

It is not known what was the hair.

The American residents of Santa Barbara in California recently faced with a strange conundrum. They began to detect on the local roads strange bundles of dark hair: either human, or horse, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to Esoreiter.

Despite the fact that the exact number of these bundles is unknown, so many of them scattered around the city that journalists have easily found a few pieces, illuminating the mysterious findings for local television. First, it was assumed that the hair may be artificial, but some brave souls, not pobrezgovali to touch them, unanimously concluded that they are natural.

Someone thinks that perhaps the hair was meant for a charitable donation (for example, for making wigs to cancer patients), but was lost during transport. According to another theory, we are talking about someone’s unusual draw. That’s just where the alleged Joker took so much hair, even the horse, one is not able to explain.

There is an assumption: it’s some kind of religious ceremony or even witchcraft. It is the latter more concerned about the people of Santa Barbara…


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