“Unknown, sorry”: the leader of the “SKY” Oleg Sobchuk admitted that upset him the award of “M1 Music Awards. Five”

“Непризнанные, к сожалению”: лидер “СКАЙ” Олег Собчук признался, что огорчило его на премии “M1 Music Awards. Пять”

Oleg Sobchuk wife

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Recently in Kiev took place an important event in the music industry – the award winners of the award “M1 Music Awards. Five.” At the anniversary ceremony was attended by almost the entire Ukrainian show business. On the red carpet you could see the Nastya Kamenskih, Time and Glass, MOZGI, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Zlata Ognevich, Sergei Babkin and many other stars.

Know.ia asked the opinion of Oleg Sobchuk about music awards, to which he came with his wife. According to the leader of the group “SKY”, well, that in Ukraine there is the opportunity to reward those who deserve recognition.

“Непризнанные, к сожалению”: лидер “СКАЙ” Олег Собчук признался, что огорчило его на премии “M1 Music Awards. Пять”

Group SKY award M1 Music Awards. Five

“Mostly for me it’s more show and pop, while here, thank God, there is a rock nomination. Good thing she showed up. Honestly, I admit that every year the quality and scale of the show higher and higher. This strap is very cool. Respect to all who make it,” said Sobchuk.

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Separately, the musician has selected a group “Беz you like”, which won in the category M1 Music Awards together with “Radio ROCKS” “Rock. Just rock!”

“Непризнанные, к сожалению”: лидер “СКАЙ” Олег Собчук признался, что огорчило его на премии “M1 Music Awards. Пять”

“Беz you like” all on turns all bypassed. Of course, well done. You know, pleased with the fact that in Ukraine there appeared a lot of very talented bands and singers – and they are unfairly unrecognized, unfortunately”, – said Oleg Sobchuk.

Frontman of the band “SKY” call and that upset him for the award.

“Somehow I do not see “Onuki”. I don’t know why. Don’t see “Violet”, for example, Granula Grace, I do not see Cepasa… lots and lots of really great bands – they are cool, they are not worse or better than many that are there”, – said Sobchuk.

We will remind, earlier Know.ia published racy photos of Nastya Kamenskih from the red carpet of the award “M1 Music Awards. Five.” Pretty amazed with the unusual outfit with a very unexpected cut.

Also Know As.ia published a full list of celebrity winners of the M1 Music Awards. Unexpectedly special prize “For contribution to development of national music industry” gave the actress-the symbol of the Ukrainian musical space Verka Serduchka.

It was reported that the group Time and Glass conquered incredible performance award M1 Music Awards. Five. Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive this year, won in three categories.

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