Unnecessary surgery for vaginal dryness

Unnecessary surgery for vaginal dryness

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An expensive treatment offered to women suffering from vaginal dryness in Quebec and around the world would only have a placebo effect, concludes a study by a Quebec researcher. & nbsp;

“Laser treatments to cure vaginal dryness are increasingly offered to postmenopausal women, even though scientific studies have not shown their effectiveness”, says Dr. Sarah Maheux-Lacroix, first author of the 'study published on October 12 in the prestigious medical journal Journal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA ) and conducted on 78 women.

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University and researcher and gynecologist at the CHU de Québec, Dr. Maheux-
Lacroix recalls that vaginal dryness, which creates discomfort and pain during intercourse and which can be bothersome all day long, is the number one cause of consultation in postmenopausal women. & Nbsp;

Few changes

She wanted to test these alternatives to hormonal treatments, which are the only ones currently proven. & nbsp;

“Studies show laser efficacy in certain skin conditions; it seemed likely to us that it could work in the case of vaginal dryness & nbsp; “, she affirms to the Journal . & nbsp;

Now, the 38 & nbsp; women who have received the basic laser treatment (three sessions in two months, like those advertised by gynecologic clinics) did not show a significant decrease in their symptoms 12 months later compared to the 40 women who had not received this treatment. treatment.

These treatments, which cost thousands of dollars and are very popular around the world and in Quebec, are offered by many clinics. For example, a clinic in Montreal offers women suffering from vaginal dryness a “laser treatment for your intimate well-being”. In three meetings of a few minutes, “& nbsp; without pain, without side effects & nbsp;”, it is claimed “& nbsp; to give the tissue the tone and elasticity that it once had & nbsp;”.

The patients are satisfied: “The proof is that they are coming back for new sessions,” says Dr. Faez Faruqi, founder of the clinic. About 100 patients have been treated with this technique for three years, when the clinic acquired the device for around $ 90,000.

Dr. Faruqi mentions that the treatment laser is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. However, it is not reimbursed by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec.

Psychologist Sophie Bergeron, professor at the University of Montreal and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Intimate Relationships and sexual well-being, deplores the “aggressive marketing” exercised by some medical technology companies. & nbsp;

“Very solid studies show that there are non-pharmaceutical solutions to vaginal dryness problems, for example perineal rehabilitation and cognitive behavioral therapy. & nbsp; ; ”

The Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Quebec did not respond to our interview requests.

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