Unpublished texts by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Unspoken texts by Carlos Ruiz Zaf & oacute; n

MISE & Agrave; DAY

With his novels, Carlos Ruiz Zafón has captivated millions of readers. Whether published in Spanish magazines or in special editions, the news in this collection is a bit of a complement. & nbsp;

Originally from Barcelona, ​​Carlos Ruiz Zafón started to write novels from the age of 14. In 1993, when he published The Prince of the Mist , the first part of Cycle of the mist , so he already had some experience of the trade behind him. But it is with the following cycle, the tetralogy of the Cemetery of forgotten books – which was inaugurated with the immense bestseller The shadow of the wind -, that Zafón has become famous all over the world. In 2009, his name even appeared on the list of the most read novelists in Europe. & Nbsp;

And then, he died, last year in Los Angeles, when he had than 55 years old. & nbsp;

That said, he wished that all the short stories he had written over time would one day come together in one volume. What is now done with The city of steam .

The city of all possibilities

Unpublished in French, the 11 texts of this posthumous collection will delight those who have read everything Zafón. Because they will learn more about certain characters – like David Martín, Andreas Corelli or Antoni de Sempere, aka the “bookmaker” – and because they will once again have the chance to savor his colorful and poetic prose. For others, it will be a great way to discover a fascinating universe made of mysteries, fantasy and extraordinary destinies. & Nbsp;

With sometimes sad stories ( Unnamed , A young lady from Barcelona ), sometimes surprising ( Rose of fire , The prince of Parnassus ), Zafón takes us one last time through the streets of his own Barcelona. & Nbsp;

Four GIFT IDEAS FOR THE HOLIDAYS & nbsp; & nbsp;

All about Dune

For big fans of Dune , there could not be a better gift, because we imagine badly more complete work. Description of Frank Herbert's universe, analysis of the main characters of the saga, reflections on geopolitics, spirituality or ecology throughout the work, overview of the different adaptations of Dune , interviews explaining the author's steps … In short, everything about Dune . & nbsp; & nbsp;

50 cakes from great pastry chefs that he must have tasted once in your life

The advantage, with such a long title, is that you know exactly what to expect: thanks to this book, gourmets will be able to prepare and taste the best desserts from great French pastry chefs. There will thus be on the menu praline mille-feuille, strawberry, salted butter caramel flash, chocolate and coffee mocha, soufflé pancake cake, Paris-Brest and Delphine tart. Hours and hours of small pleasures in perspective, what! & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Lucky cat sushi

This cute gift set includes five pairs of resin chopsticks, five colorful cat chopstick rests, a bamboo mat and a little recipe book. With all this, we will be perfectly equipped to eat Japanese. Because it will then be very easy to make at home sushi with shrimps, makis with cucumber and cream cheese or salmon sashimi. & Nbsp;

Green urbex

Fascinated by abandoned places, the photographer Romain Veillon has lugged his lenses around the world to bring back striking photos that he has here divided into three parts: when the places have been deserted for only a few years , when rotting is well established and when nature has resumed its rights, gradually making buildings disappear. A collection of photographs that is both beautiful and very particular. & Nbsp;

Thrills guaranteed & nbsp; & nbsp;

Midnight, last limit

If there is one thing that can be said about British writer Lee Child, it is that he is no longer in his early days. This also applies to Jack Reacher, his favorite hero. Always with a toothbrush for only baggage, this former US military police major continues to go where his instinct tells him to go. And this time, it will be a small Midwestern town where, in a pawnshop window, he sees a ring that once belonged to a West Point Military Academy alumnus. Considering the size of the jewel, “old” would be more exact. Therefore, the only objective of Reacher will be to find this “old” to restore her property.

Discover at all costs

Not knowing how to next to nothing from this woman, Reacher will first want to understand what could have caused her to want to get rid of a ring acquired at the cost of four years of superhuman efforts. The answer is not engraved inside, he will have to embark on a long and careful investigation that will lead him to the vast expanses of Wyoming. A corner of the country where it is, alas, as easy to hide … as to make bodies disappear. & Nbsp;

Very dark, this opus confronts us with the soldiers' worst nightmare.

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