Unsurprising results

Unsurprising results


We can say that the result of the match was not surprising.

To tell the truth, it was rather the reality that was at the rendezvous. you.

After all, on paper and on the ice, the Dallas Stars are one of the best teams in the Western Conference, and for that matter, one of the best teams. of the National League.

But the Canadiens still made an effort.

The 5-2 mark comes down to the inability of the Habs' special teams to modify the deal.  

For the rest, with equal numbers, and Martin St-Louis wanted to make it clear, his team defended themselves well. She showed energy, she fought hard, she competed at a high level.

The coach did not want to do an in-depth analysis of certain players, he wisely pointed out that 'he wanted to review the sequences of the match and then draw conclusions.

Certainly, it was a more restrictive evening for several skaters, I am thinking among others of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, subjected to tight coverage from the tough Stars defensemen.

We can't say that the Kirby Dach trio sparked off.

It didn't always work for Christian Dvorak's, especially following the troubles experienced by Brendan Gallagher.

And it was a rather “complicated” evening. for Jake Allen.

Despite everything, we saw a team capable of ensuring a response even if the opponent was more imposing, more comfortable in the execution.  

Evenings like Saturday, the young players of the Canadian will experience others during the season, it is the learning process that must do its work and it is also the reality.

Significant challenges

Attackers will face significant challenges, especially when they have to find room to maneuver against well-seasoned defensive brigades.

They will also have to take advantage of opportunities with the advantage of a player.  

Special teams tip the momentum. On Saturday, it was difficult because the five-man attack failed, it lacked creativity, it failed to seriously worry Stars goalkeeper Jake Oettinger.

On the other hand , the shorthanded specialists got into trouble for the first time this season.

But what is interesting for a coach is that in adversity, the young defenders in great demand by the Stars veterans still offered good opposition. Tied numerically, they held their ground, responding to the physical play of the opponent, getting involved in the corners of defensive territory.

Jordan Harris and Kaiden Guhle responded well. < /p>

Arber Xhekaj scored an early goal, but he continues to force the upper management's hand. This young man never ceases to amaze. He has also gained the trust of his coach: “What he shows is that he is a hockey player. That's what he's been showing us since the start of the season. ”

In the meantime, it's obvious that Suzuki and Caufield need a boost up front.< /p>

No press

There is no doubt that the decision-makers and St. Louis want a more significant contribution from the forwards. There are veterans who find themselves on the dividing line… but let's not forget that the structure of the organization is well established.  

In other words, players are in transit, however, we will have to wait for the right moment to make the changes.

No wonder Kent Hughes listens to all the proposals and goes on his own the field to spy on the other teams in the league. For the moment, there is no rush.

The Canadian and Hughes are in a situation and especially in a process where we preach patience and where we hope at the same time that 'we'll be in the right place when the opportunity to make a bargain arises. 

Boudreau on rough seas

Jim Rutherford didn't mince words. I listened to the Vancouver Canucks president's interview on Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada after the Canucks' humiliating 5-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres.


“I know that the absence of Quinn Hughes hurts, but injuries should not be an excuse, especially if the team has a good structure. And this is not the case… »

Rutherford, who refused to grant a contract extension to Bruce Boudreau, has just sent a clear message to his coach. The big person responsible for this start to the season is him.

Boudreau is criticized for his lack of originality behind the bench. We wonder about his ability to deal with adversity. We seriously wonder if he has the skill to lead this team. Rutherford and his close guard are currently looking into the situation. In Vancouver, the fans are impatient, and on Saturday they made their displeasure known by throwing a jersey on the ice, booing copiously at the players, and we want the decision makers to come forward.

“&nbsp ;We're not going to panic, said Rutherford, but it can't go on like this, that's clear. both hands on the helm? We strongly doubt it.

Across the league

A quick note: Who is the National League's leading scorer after Saturday's games? 

Artemi Panarin isn't necessarily a surprise, but Valeri Nichushkin of the Colorado Avalanche. Nichushkin is a Dallas Stars first-round pick. It never lived up to expectations, however, and Jim Nill, the team's general manager, lost his patience. Joe Sakic sniffed out a chance to lay his hands on a talented player and he provided him with the opportunity to confirm he was a top player. In Dallas, we still wonder what could have happened. Simple: in Denver, he was given the opportunity to exploit his talent on offense…

Oops! Steven Stamkos, 7 goals; Auston Matthews, 1 goal; Nikita Kucherov, 0 goals; Jonathan Huberdeau, 0 goals.

Unsurprising results