“Until we have tested, we cannot know”: these unvarnished voters who want the RN in power

“Until we have tested, we cannot know”: these unvarnished voters who want the RN in power

The RN continues its progression in rural areas where voting is no longer just protest. These voters want him to come to power. Story in Gignac (Hérault) and La Cavalerie (Aveyron).

Benjamin, 50, has a smile on his face. On Place de la Victoire in Gignac, a town in the center of Hérault with 6,000 souls, he joins his real estate agency and is full of praise for Jordan Bardella.

"Yes I vote for the National Rally, Bardella arrives with new blood, novelty, freshness…. It's a change from dinosaurs" he says at lunchtime.

He is not the only one since with more than 38% the President of the RN came well ahead, distancing the presidential party and its less than… 9%. 

In five years, the far-right party has, as in so many municipalities in France, continued its progression in Gignac: 658 of them voted for Bardella in & nbsp;2019 and  1020 Sunday. Almost double. In this rural Occitanie, however, the scores were not until then as high as on the coast for example.

"People are afraid of the outside"

Benjamin lives in Canet, a village near Gignac, where Bardella reaches 49% (compared to 38% in 2019). His explanation: "people are afraid of the outside, already, those from other villages are not okay, it’s our state of affairs. spirit and we do not want to become the suburbs of Montpellier" he argues, before correlating the percentage of social housing and foreign people to the supposed problems of ;insecurity.

"If we allow gangrene to set in like in Marseille, why wouldn't we have a lawless zone here  ?" is’worried.

The simple protest vote, he went beyond it like many:"It’s always the right and the left who share power, we must test the RN, until we have done it, we cannot know"  he argues, in no way worried about a possible authoritarian drift.

On the terrace of the Fontaine des artistes at the neighboring restaurant, Olivier, cigarillos in hand, is in despair, his heart leaning to the left.

"Three days ago we celebrated the landing and then people voted for a tyrant"

"Three days ago we celebrated the landing against a tyrant and there… People are voting for a tyrant!" deplores the retiree. "But they didn’school ?".

Fabrice, the boss, does not agree with him and denounces "laxity" supposed to be justice or the economic crisis: "retirees at 900"€ are forced to put leaflets in mailboxes, but where are we going?".

The restaurateur nevertheless embodies the one who remains the leading party in France, far ahead of the extremes: the abstentionists. He puts all politicians in the same "bag of crabs" from which Bardella would have managed to escape.

Medhi and Marion, thirty-somethings sitting next to him, from Aniane, another neighboring town where the RN exceeds 40%, did not vote either, and criticize "TV that says stupid things like saying that foreigners take other people's jobs".

They analyze the popularity rating of the president of the RN:"He passes well, he speaks well."

They will no longer vote in the legislative elections, unlike Vincent, a young thirty-year-old cook who, abstaining on Sunday, will vote for Bardella on June 30.

"Young people are looking for an identity, Bardella represents this generation"

"Today's young people are looking for an identity, village traditions are coming back into fashion, he represents this generation and he is on the page on social networks" he boasts, citing the donkey festival in Gignac and rejoicing that Bardella went to the feria de Nîmes.

Benoît, 45 years old, carpenter reconverting to viticulture "stunned with charges", almost made his decision. Radical. Go from Macron to the Europeans to the RN for the legislative elections.

He can no longer stand "the lack of order, people who do anything" in society.

"Sunday, I was already on the verge, my wife dissuaded me, we'll see if we strike a big blow at the end of June& ;quot;. Like many, he defends his mayor but wants the Republic to try "an extreme. We had the left, the right, the middle… Why not ? For three years and if that doesn't do it, they get out."

"I always voted for Macron, but what happened with Ukraine…"

A few kilometers away, on the Larzac plateau in Aveyron, the extreme right is also anchored like never before and at the Cavalerie, more than 2000 inhabitants, Marion, 49 years old, HR manager in Roquefort, has passed Macron's Sunday at … Marion Maréchal. Which made 10% in the commune adding to the 40% of the RN.

"I always voted for Macron but what happened with Ukraine and Russia disgusted me . Marion says what she thinks, we'll try! I am happy with this dissolution" she said, perky, upon arriving at the Post Office. In the street, Michelle, 78 years old, former Atsem, also expresses her aversion for E.Macron, she who voted RN.

"Jordan was all the rage, Macron is taking a hit"

"Jordan was all the rage, Macron is taking a hit with his coconut laws ! People are fed up with this society where young people are aggressive and will shoot teachers" says the one who earns 1 200 € of retirement. "We are in dire need and we have to keep our mouths shut. "The salad is 1.5 €… But we would never have bought a salad for 10 francs!".

Lucie, again, 24 years old, two young children, childminder, is more reluctant to talk about politics and the result of Sunday "n’is not bad news", she who will go to the polls in a few days "to change things" , affected by her living conditions.

These now unvarnished hopes in the extreme right also enrage many, like André, 72 years old, convinced Macronist: " we're going to war! People don't know how to recognize when their mouth is full."

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