Unusual: before the Games, Montpellier-Handball lends its hall… and its floor to the Argentine national team

Unusual: before the Games, Montpellier-Handball lends its hall... and its floor to the Argentine national team

Diego Simonet, major player of Montpellier-Handball and the Argentine selection. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Thursday July 4, Argentina, currently in preparation at Grau-du-Roi, will play an Olympic preparation match against Spain. Montpellier-Handball wants to put the team of its player Diego Simonet in the best conditions…  

We know the links that unite Diego Simonet and the region. The Montpellier-Handball player is also one of the pillars of his national team: Argentina. It is therefore logically, and thanks to a common desire, between all the links in the chain, from Patrice Canayer to Julien Deljarry via the club's Graulen partner, Eric Torremocha, that the Argentinians  have taken the direction of Grau-du-Roi since Tuesday, from where they are preparing the Olympic Games. A preparation which will obviously take them to Montpellier: Thursday July 4, at 7:30 p.m., they will face Spain (10 €).

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For the record, Montpellier-Handball will have shown all its friendship for its player and his selection. In addition to lending him its room, the club lends them… their floor. Indeed, so that the Olympic preparation takes place on a superior quality surface in the Grau-du-Roi gymnasium, the MHB lent the selection the temporary parquet usually used for the gala meetings at the Sud de France Arena. What don't we do for friends!

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