Unusual clip Kamensky has caused controversy in the Network

Необычный клип Каменских вызвал споры в Сети

In a new video for the track Lomala singer appeared in several unusual bright images of a dance at the bus stop and licking the beads.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky presented a new video. Video produced ambiguous impression on fans of the stars. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the singer.

The movie begins with the scene at the bus stop. Kamensky has intrigued fans with a teaser for the new clip, using this movie clip.

Kamensky also danced in a way similar to Princess Jasmine from cartoon Alladin. The star donned a Golden outfit with a short top and long skirt and made a lush, long tail.

Still, the singer danced with the ballet on sand in multi-colored costumes. In this episode, the star in the blue outfit with blue pigtails erotic licked the beads.

The day the video has gained 133,5 thousand views, when it got 1.3 million dislikes allowed.

Earlier, after a picture in a bathing suit on the beach in Miami opravivshis Kamensky suspected pregnancy.

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