Unusual smartphone from LG with two screens will be released in may

The company is very hopeful of a successful sale, because they determine the fate of LG Mobile

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Необычный смартфон от LG с двумя экранами выйдет в мае

LG ThinQ V50 will become the second smartphone in South Korea with support for 5G networks

Winter 2019 MWC LG showed a prototype of its own 5G-smartphone V50 ThinQ, which had two screens and 5G module. Days it became known that the smartphone, after several transfers, will be announced may 10.

LG ThinQ V50 is a hybrid solution is a new fashion trend for flexible displays. Instead of one big display, the novelty will boast the presence of two separate screens that work independently from each other: the user can watch a movie on one screen while using the Internet or chat on the messenger on the second screen.

Необычный смартфон от LG с двумя экранами выйдет в мае

The price of LG ThinQ V50 Dual Screen will be about thousands of dollars

Design feature is that the second screen is connected and integrated in a special case-the owner supplied. The case is fixed in two positions: at an angle 104 and 180 degrees. In the case of the uselessness of the second display simply detaches. Resolution of 6.4-inch OLED main screen is 3120х1440 pixels, and the second display has a diagonal smaller – 6.2 inch, but with the same resolution. The cost of new items will be presumably a thousand dollars.

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Thus V50 ThinQ from LG will be the second phone in the domestic market of South Korea that will support the 5G network, after Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The company also places great hope on this mobile device as the latest novelties from LG has sold very poorly and the company suffered record losses in the last 8 years.

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We will remind that earlier the owners of smartphones LG has been facing serious problems. Also LG has got one more trump card – the company prepares the most unusual smartphone in the world with 16 cameras.

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