Unvaccinated preservatives in the spotlight at the start of the session

Unvaccinated preservatives in the spotlight at the start of the session

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At the opening of the parliamentary session in Ottawa on Monday, the spotlight was on the Conservative MP, whose members still do not know how many remain unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Liberal House leader Mark Holland had a good time in the morning calling for more transparency from the official opposition on the vaccine issue, given the return in person to the House of Commons and the risks that this poses for health.

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This artistic vagueness serves the cause of the Liberals well, especially since 'an elected Conservative, the Conservative MP for Beauce, Richard Lehoux, tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.

Mr. Lehoux, who is doubly vaccinated, had attended team meetings last week, and has therefore been in close contact with some colleagues. The latter should therefore avoid sitting at the beginning of the week, in all likelihood.

However, the spokesperson for the Conservative Party, Axel Rioux, said Monday that “with the exception of Mr. Lehoux […], all Conservative MPs who do not sit in the House of Commons are absent for reasons unrelated to COVID-19 or the rules regarding vaccines in the House of Commons. ”

Even if the Sergeant-at-Arms of Parliament verified and then validated the participation in person of all elected officials, Mark Holland was not reassured by these steps.

“It is unlikely that” there are a lot of medical exemptions. It doesn't make sense, “he said, without knowing how many Conservative-elected officials did not receive their vaccine, or how many received an exemption and for what reason.

Statistically, says Holland, citing public health experts, one to five in 100,000 people have a qualifying medical exemption in Canada. On the basis of these figures, the presence of one or two deputies with an exemption would already represent an aberration in his eyes.

Just before the announcement of the positive diagnosis of Mr. Lehoux, the leader Conservative Erin O'Toole claimed that all of her 118 elected officials would be able to attend the proceedings of the House of Commons on Monday.

Journalists had to present their vaccination passports to attend press conferences within West Block, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

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