Up to $ 500 for rapid tests resold on the web

Up to $ 500 for quick tests resold on the web

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Unscrupulous individuals are trying to take advantage of the shortage of rapid tests to cash in their pockets by offering them on the web for astronomical sums of up to $ 500.

Quebecers emptied stocks of rapid tests distributed free of charge in pharmacies in just a few hours on Monday. Results? Kits can now be found in classifieds on Kijiji, Craiglist and Marketplace. & Nbsp;

Again on Tuesday, the Journal found quick tests offered for amounts ranging from $ 10 at $ 500 on the Internet. Most of these resellers were located in the greater Montreal area. & Nbsp;

“We obviously find it regrettable that people try to make a profit from a product that is distributed for free. However, there is no indication that these are tests obtained free of charge at a pharmacy. These people were able to buy these tests and try to resell them at a profit, ”deplores Marie-Claude Lacasse, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). & Nbsp;

Illegal & nbsp;

Note that the rapid tests found online were the same as those distributed free of charge in pharmacies and schools in Quebec. The MSSS also confirms to the Journal that this type of transaction on the web violates the law. & Nbsp;

“It is not legal to sell such a product without duly being there authorized. We condemn such a practice, ”insists Ms. Lacasse. & Nbsp;

For its part, Kijiji Canada claims to have “proactively removed all advertising aimed at reselling rapid COVID-19 antigen tests on its platforms” since the beginning of the week.

Indeed, most of the announcements found & nbsp; Monday and Tuesday on this website were erased after just a few hours.

“Kijiji Canada does not allow the resale of COVID-19 related items on its website. This policy came into effect in 2020 and now includes rapid testing for COVID-19 antigens ”, it is stated. & Nbsp;

The platform says it has removed a few thousand such ads from all Canadian markets in recent weeks.

False tests? & Nbsp; & nbsp;

< p> The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) mentions for its part that it has not received any complaints regarding the online sale of rapid tests. & nbsp;

“We would like to put the citizens warn against any rapid screening test that does not come directly from a pharmacy or school where distribution is authorized by the provincial government. As these tests could turn out to be false, we cannot trust their effectiveness, “warns the SPVM. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; Interestingly, this problem is also an issue in Ontario, where the government has even announced Tuesday that these resellers are now liable to a fine ranging from $ 740 to $ 100,000. & nbsp;

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) could not specify, Tuesday after – midday, what are the consequences of selling these kits on the web in Quebec.

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