Up to$ 50,000 for a pair of glasses in a shop in Saint-Henri

Jusqu’à 50 000$ pour une paire de lunettes dans une boutique de Saint-Henri

Not even the pandemic of the COVID-19 could not prevent the flamboyant business man Corey Shapiro to open the new boutique optical of luxury, who keeps in stock one million pairs of glasses, one of which is valued at$50,000.

“This pair of glasses to$ 50,000 is a pair of vintage that has been redone, with several diamonds and gold,” revealed Montreal, at the opening media of his shop Vintage Frames The Archive in Saint-Henri, on Wednesday.

The “lunettier of the stars”, which counts among its clients famous Lady Gaga, Usher, Will Smith, or Katy Perry, has created a unique environment and top of the range in its new flagship store, inspired by the space in which the singer Elton John has played Las Vegas, at the Colosseum of Caesars Palace.

“Let’s say that it cost me hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I bought the building, because it was not worth the trouble to invest so much money to rebuild a space that does not belong to me”, he says.

In a setting of graeco-roman, the boutique is sublimated marble, LED lighting and even a grand piano-white.

“It is definitely one of the buildings the most expensive in the city and this is definitely the most luxurious shopping optical in Quebec, because everything has been meticulously chosen and custom made,” he continued.

Let’s do it big

Mr. Shapiro does not excuse his extravagance and attracts attention with its look of a rapper, his beard dense, its caps and its luxury cars. It has even made headlines, 2015, after having been the victim of racial profiling: the police had intercepted five times in a few days as he was travelling at the wheel of his BMW gold-plated.

In his shop, he has installed a neon sign caricature showing his face with his famous beard, his cap and his glasses.

“You find that this looks like me? I love the neon! It represents the Vintage Frames Company! For me, it’s let’s do it big! So I have my own line of sunglasses in different prices ranging from$ 100 to$ 1000 with models that pass through the ages”, he says.

In a store, it is possible to find models of collection of the 60’s to the 90’s, all the luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Prada, and more.

The store is located at 4873 rue Notre-Dame Ouest.

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