Up to 70 % of the students have deserted the courses at the adult education

While the secondary schools and cegeps fear an increase in the school drop-out, the pandemic also strikes the full force of the adult education, where the proportion of pupils who have deserted their rise to 70 % in some training centres.

The Centre of The City, located in Gatineau, there are only 30 % of the students who follow diligently the course online and make their way to the exams. Several have returned to the labour market, or waiting for the return of being in the presence to resume their training.

“At a distance, many have the impression that they can not succeed. We who are so much in trouble that they need coaching one to one, ” says its director, Jean Beauchamp.

The quebec Federation of management of educational institutions, the vice-president Hélène Bossé indicates that about half of the students of the education for adults have deserted their training since the closure of the centres in mid-march, according to information gathered from several centres.

“The motivation decreases and the abandonment increases more and more, she says. It is a vulnerable clientele, which is in great need, and unfortunately, the ministry of Education does not consider as well. “

“Really hard “

Following the latest guidelines of Quebec, online courses are set in motion from the end of April in the education centres for adults. The exams in class were also taken. But many young people are not at the rendezvous, by lack of motivation or because they have access to a computer at home.

Even those who are determined to persevere wonder how to make it happen, in the circumstances.

“Since mid-April, the motivation was not evil tumbled. Not to have a framework, schedule, I realized that it was really hard. It is as if my work were transformed in to a chore, ” says Shany, a young woman of 24 years who is studying at the Centre Odilon-Gauthier, Québec

Even if she tries each day to delve into his notebooks, his studies are not progressing as quickly as planned. The young woman will have to postpone for one year its entry to the cegep in a program office because it will not have completed his secondary education in the month of August, as planned.

Child at home

Same scenario for Andréanne Clavet, who was also to start a college course this fall in administration. With a child of four years in the house, the young woman can not devote as much time as before to his studies.

These two students are hoping for one thing : to be able to return to the classroom next fall. “Even if it is part-time, I’ll be super happy,” says Shany.

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