Up to 750 euros more on the holiday bill: this popular place in the south of France increases its fines

Since the end of June, Arcachon town hall has increased the fines for a series of incivilities regularly blamed for the influx of tourists who arrive each year.

The bill for vacationers' stays could turn out to be very steep. The Arcachon town hall is toughening its tone to dissuade tourists from committing incivility in the basin, notes the Figaro.

Up to a fine of 750 euros

Since the end of June, the municipality has put up a series of posters that could not be more dissuasive regarding the fines incurred in the event of small infractions. This mainly concerns incivility linked to the cleanliness of the site.

Thus, for several days now, throwing away a handkerchief in Arcachon has been punishable by a fine of 750 euros, the same goes for dog owners who refrain from picking up droppings canines.

In the event of a prolonged evening too late into the night, revelers will have to pay a fine of 450 euros.

As for those who walk around shirtless in the street, they could pay up to 150 euros. Same note for smokers on the beach. As for the consumption of cannabis in the city, it is now punishable by a fine of 750 euros. These amounts were set according to the maximum fine scales for these facts.

Mark the occasion

In a press release, the city's LR mayor, Yves Foulon, defended the toughening of your tone in the face of the influx of tourists. "The objective of this campaign is to make an impact and make residents and visitors alike aware that certain behaviors can shock and harm the public health", quote our colleagues.

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