UPAC closes an investigation which aimed at the ex-treasurer of the QLP

L’UPAC ferme une enquête qui visait l’ex-argentier du PLQ

The Unité permanente anti-corruption abandons another investigation that sought the entourage of the liberal Party of Quebec, seven years after it began its audits.

L’UPAC ferme une enquête qui visait l’ex-argentier du PLQ

Marc Bibeau

This time, it is the ex-treasurer liberal Marc Bibeau, a close friend of former prime minister Jean Charest, who will be able to sleep a little better.

UPAC announced laconically yesterday that she put an end to the project Modesty, a survey that “involved allegations of fraud against the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT)” in connection with ” a significant project “.

Its press release makes no mention of the suspects of this investigation, nor even of what construction of the AMT it was.

According to information from our Office of investigation, Modesty began in August 2013. Police then received information that allowed them to believe that the concrete panels for the rail project to the East of the AMT would have rather been delivered at the home of Suzanne Bibeau, the sister of Marc Bibeau.

These prefabricated parts have been used in the construction of a patio around the swimming pool of this luxurious residence laval.

The thesis police wanted the slabs paid by public funds have been made by Saramac, a subsidiary of the firm Schokbéton, which belongs to the family Bibeau.

The mystery plane

Marc and Suzanne Bibeau, were the two suspects identified by the UPAC in its survey documents.

The clan Bibeau has always claimed to have nothing to apologize for.

“The materials used in the construction of a structure of protection of the railway to Le Gardeur have been fully delivered, in accordance with the contract “, he said in a statement in 2014.

UPAC has assured yesterday that its investigation had been conducted ” according to the rules of the art “. The elements that it had in place were deemed sufficiently strong for the justice of the peace Jean-Georges Laliberté authorizes search warrants, including in the offices of Schokbéton, from the end of 2013.

Seven years later, the police chose not to send file to the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP), which is responsible for laying charges. That is what has changed since ? The thesis of the investigators is it deconstructed ?

It is Impossible to know. UPAC says it ” will not provide any further explanation “, and this ” in order to protect the techniques of police investigations and the privacy of the people affected or involved “.

Second time

This is the second time in seven months that an investigation of the UPAC aims of the key figures of the QLP of the years 2000 is abandoned. In November 2019, the axe fell on the project Correctness, which was aimed at the ex-fundraisers Charles Rondeau, William Bartlett and Franco Fava.

In this dossier of alleged fraud at the defunct Société immobilière du Québec, UPAC was concerned that some of the evidence obtained during the search may be challenged in court, according to our information.

♦ Marc Bibeau are still among the suspects of the investigation Mâchurer UPAC (on allegations of illegal funding, the QLP), which is still active.

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