UQAC: The IT system back in service

UQAC: The computer system is back in service

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The computer system of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC) was functioning normally again Monday afternoon after a two-day outage.

The situation is returned to normal for students and staff at UQAC shortly before 4:00 p.m.

The computer system had been disabled as a preventive measure on Saturday evening. Access to the academic platform and to emails was therefore blocked. Many exams and online courses scheduled for Monday have all been postponed or canceled.

“Professors will be able to offer other accommodations to their students,” reported University Director of Communications Marie- Karlynn Laflamme. There could be weekend exams, or practical work instead. ”

The disruption in the computer system had created concern, even frustration, among some students. Those who come from outside the region, for example, or who have a job, found it very difficult to see the session extended by a few days, when it was due to end this week.

The return to normal was therefore greeted with relief. “This is really good news!” Exclaimed a student at the end of the afternoon.

“My exam today may be postponed until tomorrow night but it 'is better than at the end of the week, ”rejoiced another.

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