Urgant Volochkova cruelly ridiculed for her message about the fire in Notre-Dame de Paris: mixed with bath

Ургант жестоко высмеял Волочкову из-за ее сообщение о пожаре в Нотр-Дам-де-Пари: перепутала с баней

The world’s attention was riveted on the fire in one of the most beautiful works of Gothic art, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame Parizska. Thousands of people expressed condolences to the people of France, because this is one of their main attractions. Not spared the fire in Notre Dame and representatives of the Russian show-business.

So, ex-ballerina Anastasia Volochkova on the personal page in social network Instagram posted a video of the fire.

This tragedy in Paris!😔 Notre Dame Cathedral…“, signed Volochkova videos.

However, the known Russian showman and presenter of the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan Urgant made fun of the ballerina. His attention was drawn to the text itself and hashtags that are added to it Volochkova.

“Anastasiamalave entertainment, ballet, Russia, I, love, we, art, volochkova, instagood, be, love, me, best, good, ballet, friends, books, house,” pererahvas leading.

Ivan Urgant said that not a single hashtag on the subject of fires in Notre-Dame de Paris no. Showman suggested that most likely the former ballerina is messed up and published the story under the picture of the bath where she sits on the twine, hiding behind the broom.

“There probably is hashtags: how awful, such a tragedy, farewell Shrine, France we are with you and so on,” suggested the host.

It should be noted that the restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral after a fire in France will cost about one billion euros. The government has calculated the amount based on certain costs for the restoration of the arch, the reconstruction of the steeple repair and interior design.

Ургант жестоко высмеял Волочкову из-за ее сообщение о пожаре в Нотр-Дам-де-Пари: перепутала с баней

Notre Dame de Paris

Recall the blessed sacrament and the crowning with Thorns Jesus from the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris made by a Catholic priest, chaplain of the Paris fire brigade.Jean-Marc Fournier.

Previously “Know.news Agency” reported, called the cost of restoring Notre Dame after pojarova: unaffordable money for France.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote, macron said that Notre Dame will become even more beautiful after the restoration, as the French — the people of the creators.


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