Urologists have described the main symptoms of kidney problems

Урологи назвали основные симптомы проблем с почками

The doctors outlined the main symptoms of unhealthy kidneys.According to the attending doctors, kidney problems can indicate not typical symptoms.

Therapists have compiled a list of the main indicators of this essential for the body organ had difficulties, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24apteka.

Experts said that without a normal kidney proper functioning of organism is impossible – even a minor malfunction can cause serious consequences.

According to them, problems with the kidneys can specify constant fatigue. Such dysfunction is that the blood begins to worse to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Given that the kidneys act as a filter in the body, problems in their work affect the condition of the skin. If there is itching or tingling sensation under the skin that might indicate kidney disease, suggest experts.

Another symptom is edema, primarily on the ankles and legs, but in some cases on the face, hands and other parts of the body.

“Of course, the swelling may appear for different reasons, but renal insufficiency is the main one. The kidneys are responsible for regulating water and sodium balance, so any failure in their work does not give them the right to balance the figures. Edema can occur due to excretion of urine with too much protein,” – said the doctors.

In addition, a painful kidney condition, doctors say, can say the resulting anemia as well as all the unpleasant changes, or otherwise associated with urination (incontinence, burning, and other odor and color of urine).

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