US debt: Republicans hold the economy “hostage”, accuses Biden again

US Debt: Republicans Hold Economy “Hostage&raquo ;, accuses Biden again


Joe Biden, embroiled in difficult negotiations with Republicans over the public debt, again criticized them on Wednesday for holding the economy “hostage” with the threat of a default.< /strong> 

“They are doing what no other political party has done in the history of our country, they are holding the economy hostage, literally, by threatening to default on our debt,” accused the American president during a trip to Valhalla, north of New York.

“We shouldn’t even be talking about it,” said the 80-year-old Democrat, candidate for a second term, which had a meeting on Wednesday, without result, with leaders of the opposition.

Joe Biden, who came to speak in a Republican constituency, also renewed his attacks against his duettist in this case: the conservative boss of the House of Republicans, Kevin McCarthy.

The conservative “didn't his post only because he submitted” to the “extreme” elements of his party, fervent supporters of former President Donald Trump, assured Joe Biden.

The president and the boss of the House of Representatives are due to meet again on Friday.

Joe Biden must convince Republican congressmen to vote to raise the maximum ceiling on public debt in the United States.

The opposition refuses to do so if the White House does not promise budget cuts in return.

Without a vote in Congress, the United States could find themselves this summer unable to pay their bills, pay salaries and pensions, and to honor their financial deadlines, which would be unheard of.

A US default in payment would, according to the White House, have catastrophic consequences on employment and growth in the country, in addition to destabilizing global finance.