US intelligence examines more than 500 UFO reports

US Intelligence is reviewing over 500 UFO reports


US intelligence is examining more than 500 reports of unidentified flying objects, the infamous UFOs detailed a report released Thursday, which says that while many turn out to be drones or balloons, the nature of around 100 of them remain unknown. 

At least 247 unidentified aerial phenomena have been reported since the last report by the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DNI) in June 2021, who had indicated at the time that he was already studying 144. 

To this number are added 119 cases of appearances of mysterious aircraft, unearthed from old archives accumulated over the course of two decades, for a total of 510 incidents, according to the report. 

< p>Most of the new phenomena were observed by US Navy and US pilots. Air Force, US intelligence notes.

Among these incidents, nearly 200 had a completely banal explanation. They were either due to balloons, drones or air pollution, i.e. birds, weather events or plastic bags blowing in the wind. 

But d 'others have no explanation according to the DNI's summary, a non-confidential version of the report presented to Congress.

These are under close scrutiny by the Pentagon, intelligence Americans and Nasa, not out of fear of extraterrestrial vehicles, but out of fear of the unknown spy capabilities of rival countries. 

“Unidentified aerial phenomena continue to pose a risk to aviation safety and present a potential threat of intelligence gathering” from enemy countries, the report underlines. 

In June, NASA announced the launch of an investigation of several months on the presence of these objects, moving for example in an abnormal or very fast way in our atmosphere, and which cannot be explained in the current state of our knowledge.

For its part, the Pentagon created in November 2021 an office responsible for collecting and analyzing all information on UFOs in the face of increased pressure from Congress on the subject. 

Washington is particularly concerned about China's espionage capabilities using drones or other airborne means.

“We take reports of intrusions into our land, sea or airspace very seriously and we are analyzing each of them,” General Pat Ryder, p. Pentagon spokesperson, in a statement.