US invaded by smart 'super pigs'

USA Invaded by Smart “Super Pigs< /p> UPDATE DAY

Pigs are known to be very intelligent animals, but the United States is now being invaded by a species of “super pigs” who are even smarter, and these, are wreaking havoc.< /strong> 

The “super pigs” come from breeders who crossed domestic pigs and wild boars in the 1980s. These later escaped captivity. They are responsible for a range of environmental damage as they eat crops, destroy trees, pollute water and can even kill deer.

The Guardian > also reports that pigs have the potential to incubate a new flu virus that could be transmitted to humans, which as we know from the COVID-19 pandemic can have catastrophic consequences.< /p>

Pigs are already terrorizing parts of Canada, primarily in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where their populations have grown rapidly over the past eight years. 

The beasts are much larger than domestic pigs, can weigh over 300 kg. They are able to survive cold temperatures by burying themselves up to two meters under snow to stay warm and are increasingly seen as an environmental threat in the northern United States. < /p>

It is estimated that their population of nearly six million individuals can cause approximately $1.5 billion in damage per year in the United States.