US presidential election: if Joe Biden withdraws his candidacy, who could replace him in the Democratic camp ?

US presidential election: if Joe Biden withdraws his candidacy, who could replace him in the Democratic camp ?

Joe Biden during the debate against Donald Trump. CNN PHOTOS/CREDIT CNN – WILL LANZONI/CNN PHOTOS

If many French people are going to the polls over the next two Sundays, Americans are also thinking about the presidential elections which are getting closer. Just a few months before the election, Joe Biden is no longer unanimous in the Democratic camp.

The two contenders for the White House debated during a first face-to-face meeting on CNN this Thursday. While some await the return of Donald Trump to power, in the Democratic camp, we are asking the question of who could replace Joe Biden after these performances, which are often disappointing.

In an editorial published this Friday, June 28 and titled "to serve the country, President Biden must leave the race"& ;nbsp;at the White House, the New York Times described Joe Biden as "the shadow of a leader", after the 81-year-old president "failed its own test". But who could be his replacement? Let's take stock.

Who to replace Biden ?

According to the American press, several political figures stand out. First of all, Kamala Harris, who is the current vice-president, but also the first woman and the first African-American to this position. If she takes on the responsibilities of Joe Biden in the event of his resignation, her transparency in recent years means that she too is not unanimous within the party, but also in the polls, indicates < em>TF1 info.

A second female name follows on the heels of the current vice-president, the former First Lady: Michelle Obama. Aged 60, the wife of ex-president Barack Obama is rather popular. Although she openly supports the Democratic candidate, she has not shown any interest in a possible candidacy.

A third woman could make her return to the political scene: Hillary Clinton. The one who was also First Lady, was a candidate several times but never came to power. Bill Clinton's 76-year-old wife could take revenge on Donald Trump.

Other names resonate when it comes to discussing a possible replacement for Joe Biden. Several governors such as that of California, Gavin Newsom, of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer or even of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro. According to the Washington Post, Pete Buttigieg, currently Minister of Transport, not very popular with African-American voters, could be a surprise, having already been a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidential election.

Almost 4 months before the elections, the time has come for doubts for the Democratic clan, while Donald Trump multiplies the attacks and mockery on&nbsp ;his successor.

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