US provides Ukraine with $450 million in new military aid

United States provides Ukraine with $450 million in new military aid of dollars


The United States will provide Ukraine with an additional $450 million in military aid, John Kirby, who coordinates White House communications on strategic issues, announced Thursday. 

This brings to “about 6.1 billion” the total amount of military aid provided by Washington to Kyiv since the invasion of the country by Russia, and to 6.8 billion since Joe Biden was president, he said. declared.

This new component of assistance provides in particular for the delivery of four additional Himars (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) systems, powerful rocket launchers mounted on light armour.

United States provides Ukraine with $450 million in new military aid

The United States is providing Ukraine with a new military aid of 450 million dollars

The Ukrainian army is very insistent on the need to have this type of system now that the conflict has entered a new phase, more static and concentrated on the Donbass region, in the east of the country, with a more important role played by heavy artillery.

The new component of American military assistance also provides, among other things, ammunition, 2,000 automatic weapons and patrol boats.

John Kirby assured that the Americans were “every day” in contact with the Ukrainians to prop bones of their military needs, and indicated that the United States is splitting and modifying its equipment shipments so that the assistance provided remains “relevant”.