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US Senate votes in favor of legislation for better gun control

US Senate votes in favor of better gun control legislation ; fire


The US Senate has passed a bill backed by elected officials from both major parties that is supposed to tackle the wave of gun violence plaguing the United States, with restrictions on access to firearms and billions of dollars to fund mental health and safety in schools. 

The bill, passed by 65 votes to 33 in the upper house and which has every chance of to be validated in the House of Representatives on Friday, remains far below the measures demanded by President Joe Biden, but it nevertheless constitutes a first in decades and a step forward for supporters of the limitation of individual firearms.

The vote comes just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court, whose majority judges are conservative, struck down state law “restrictions” on carrying guns. of New York.

This law limits since 1913 the issuance of licenses to t concealed weapons to people who have reason to believe that they may have to defend themselves, for example because of their profession or threats against them.

This decision by the highest American court has was announced as the United States faces a surge in crime in major cities and a chilling series of mass killings, including two in May, in Buffalo (10 African Americans killed) and in a school in Texas (21 killed, including 19 children).

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