Using cleaning products, she fends off a thief

&Using cleaners, she fends off a thief


An employee of a pastry shop in the Netherlands had a traumatic experience last Tuesday when an individual attempted to carry out an armed robbery in her business. 

In the morning, a man wearing a black hoodie hurriedly approached the shop counter to get some money.

Reflexively, the cashier moved away from the man, but quickly found a solution to push the thief out of the checkout.

According to the Turkish government daily Daily Sabahthe lady from Turkey grabbed cleaning products, in order to counterattack.

Videos taken from the establishment's surveillance cameras show that the strategy did indeed work.

The woman began to hit the thief with a towel; the man was surprised at the tenacity of the madam, and withdrew.

“I had a towel and a bottle of cleaning liquid. I was lucky, since a customer came in a few moments later to help me push him away,” says employee Latife Peker.

The burglar left the business without having recovered anything. whatever.