Uyghurs: the head of the Xinjiang criticizes the “so-called sanctions” of the Us.U.

Ouïghours: le chef du Xinjiang fustige les « prétendues sanctions » des É.-U.

The leader of the communist Party in the chinese province of Xinjiang (north-west) blasted ” the “hegemony” and the uselessness of the “so called sanctions” the u.s. is subject to the internment solid mass of muslims, said on Tuesday a media Report.

Chen Quanguo, 64, is from August 2016 to the highest political official in this territory as large as three times the France, long hit by bloody attacks attributed to separatist or islamist.

Xinjiang has a population of approximately 25 million inhabitants, mainly muslims — especially of the Uyghurs, who speak a language turcica. The region is the subject for the past few years a recovery is in hand safe.

More than a million muslims are, or have been interned in camps in the territory, according to international organizations of defense of Human rights.

China denies this figure and says that it is the vocational training centres, designed to help people find a job and to keep her away from the temptation of religious extremism.

Washington has imposed on 9 July sanctions on several leaders of the Xinjiang, of which Chen Quanguo. They are accused of “serious violations” of Human rights against the Uyghurs and other minorities.

Entry visas on american soil are now denied to them and their families. Their possible assets in the United States are also frozen.

“These so-called sanctions of the United States are acts of hegemony characterized, outrageous and unjustifiable,” said Chen Quanguo with the news agency new China.

“What you should say is that I have absolutely no desire to go to the United States, and that I do not have any assets,” stressed the secretary of the chinese communist Party (CCP) in Xinjiang.

Chen Quanguo was also pleased with the lack of attacks in the region since three years and seven months — that is, shortly after his arrival.

“No force can interfere with or eliminate the stability, development and prosperity of Xinjiang,” said Mr. Chen.

It has strengthened since 2016 the security policy in the territory: multiple identity checks, porticos at the entrance of buildings, cameras, facial recognition, or even police roadblocks.

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