V-Wars : other role that has failed to play Nikki Reed in the series

V-Wars : l'autre rôle qu'a failli jouer Nikki Reed dans la série

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Ian Somerhalder : his wife Nikki Reed has failed to play a role in V-Wars

After The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed found the vampires in V-Wars. The spouses and parents of Bodhi Sun both play in the new series airs on Netflix. Except that initially, the wife of the handsome kid has failed to play a different role in the show.

Nikki Reed has failed to embody another character in V Wars

Since December 5, 2019, the series V-Wars is available on Netflix. The opportunity for fans to find Ian Somerhalder on the small screen. And in addition to being the hero of the show (the Dr. Luther Swann), the actor is also a producer on this project. So he has the opportunity to get to play his wife, Nikki Reed. If you have not recognized, she played Rachel Thompson. The couple, who also became parents of a little girl, found the world of vampires. They are in fact known to the general public for, respectively, incarnate Damon Salvatore in the series the Vampire Diaries and Rosalie Hale (the bride of Emmett Cullen) in the Twilight saga .

But at the start, Nikki Reed has failed to play a different role than the one of Rachel Thompson in V-Wars. In fact, Ian Somerhalder confessed to Fox News that his wife in life, has also failed to be his wife in the series.“Initially, the producers wanted her to play my wife in the series. But she answered : ‘No, I appreciate it a lot’ but she wanted to play something more surprising. And this is what she has done with flying colors” he confided.

Ian Somerhalder is impressed by his wife

In addition to his performance in the episodes of V-Wars, Nikki Reed is the mother of the family and has created his own company (the brand of jewelry eco-responsible luxury Bayou With Love). A calendar is ultra-responsible, which it bends by doing always his best. What impresses much her husband Ian Somerhalder, who has also stepped up its activities. He can’t believe that his girlfriend successfully “breastfeed our baby, make sketches during phone conferences, to build his company, to come to the studio, to give these benefits powerful and nuanced, a hug to everyone, and then leave… We are in the process of asking : ‘But what is it just happened ?'”.

“It was great to be able to see and be in the studio with her because we are so sentimental and loved ones in real life and these characters are in some ways also a little bit” he explained, “It was an incredible experience”.

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