Vaccination campaign: Quebecers more satisfied than elsewhere in the country

Vaccination campaign: Quebecers more satisfied than elsewhere in the country

Quebecers are the most satisfied in the country vis-à-vis the vaccination campaign implemented by their government, shows a survey by the firm Augus Reid unveiled Monday.

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According to the probe, 56% of citizens of the Belle Province believe that their government is doing a “good” or “very good” job to inoculate the population, against 28% of respondents who criticize the progress of the vaccination campaign.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ontarians are the most disappointed in the country with 54% of those polled who believe their government is mismanaging immunization, compared to just 30% of those who support the campaign.

These results are cautious and nevertheless suggest that respondents sometimes confused their opinion on the progress of the vaccination campaign with the management of the pandemic as a whole, noted Augus Reid.

For example, only 36% of Albertans had a positive opinion of the vaccination campaign in their province, while 43% provided a negative opinion. However, the province is among those who vaccinate the fastest in the country, alongside Quebec.

In this sense, it should be noted that various polls have already suggested that Quebecers also have a better appreciation of their government’s efforts to fight the pandemic than residents of other provinces, although Quebec has the worst record in absolute terms. in Canada.

Less distrust

In addition, almost every province in the country has seen distrust of vaccines erode over the past month. Now, 60% of Canadians say they are ready to get the vaccine “as soon as possible,” a rate up 12% since the last probe in March.

Quebec is slightly below the national average with 58% of people ready to be vaccinated as quickly as possible, up 7%. On the other hand, 13% of Quebecers refuse the idea of ​​being inoculated against COVID-19 and 19% intend to be vaccinated “eventually”.

All provinces have seen their rate of citizens wanting to be vaccinated as quickly as possible increase rapidly – including an impressive 21% jump in Ontario – with the exception of Alberta. The Prairie province is the only one where less than half of the population (47%) plan to get vaccinated as soon as possible. It also has the highest rate in the country (20%) of people who do not want to be vaccinated.

The poll was conducted from January 7 to 10 among 1,580 members of an Angus Reid panel, including 396 Quebecers.

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