Vaccination of young children: Quebec parents equally divided

Vaccinating young children: Quebec parents equally divided


Quebec parents are also divided on whether or not to vaccinate their children aged 6 months to 5 years against COVID-19.

Indeed, only 41% of parents intend to have their young children vaccinated against the disease, against 40% who do not intend to do so, shows a survey conducted by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) unveiled Tuesday.

Parents who are hesitant or outright refuse to vaccinate their children under the age of 5 cited many reasons, foremost among which was the lack of relevance, in their view, of the vaccination of toddlers.

Thus, 23% of parents who do not intend to have their children vaccinated justified themselves by saying that they do not see the need for it, since COVID-19 presents a low risk for the little ones.< /p>

The fears about possible side effects, they discourage 20% of refractory parents, a number to which must be added 8% of parents who have fears because of the novelty of the vaccine.

Furthermore, 17% of parents maintained that they believe COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective, while 7% are outright distrustful of vaccinations in general.

INSPQ surveys on COVID-19 are conducted online each week with approximately 3,300 adults. Responses for childhood vaccinations were compiled between July 8 and July 20.