Vaccination passport: a challenge for supermarkets

Vaccination passport: a challenge for large surfaces


The obligation of the vaccination passport, which will come into force on January 24, in big box stores, represents a challenge for the traders concerned. 

These stores, those with an area of ​​more than 1500 square meters, will inevitably lose customers and sales.

Despite this, traders have no choice but to adapt. They will have to assign some of their employees to control customers at the entrance or call on additional resources.

“Of course there is some disappointment because we are going to lose around 10% of the clientele and we are going to have to refuse people at the entrance, but we are going to comply,” commented the store manager. Eugène Allard Cuisine et Tendances in Chicoutimi, Artur Gagnon, specifying in passing that the Alma and Quebec branches are not subject to this measure.

Missed customers< /p>

Already Friday morning, the phone was ringing more than usual in big box stores. Customers inquire whether the vaccine passport will indeed be required.

Citizens interviewed by TVA Nouvelles welcome this measure announced by Quebec, which aims to tighten the screws on non-vaccinated people. However, others consider it exaggerated.

“It is the vaccinated people who will suffer, who will line up and have to wait. The non-vaccinated, they will order online,” said a disgruntled citizen.

Small businesses remain accessible without a vaccine passport, as well as grocery stores and pharmacies, since they are essential services.

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