Vaccination passport: a decision that is not unanimous in hairdressing salons

Vaccination passport: a decision that is not unanimous in trade fairs hairstyle

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Satisfied, reassured or disappointed to have to manage possible conflicts, the owners of hairdressing salons did not all applaud the idea of ​​imposing the vaccination passport for personal care.

This decision by Quebec is far from gaining unanimity in the industry. After two years of the pandemic, many workers are struggling.

“For my part, I was already asking for proof. I have maybe one or two out of a hundred customers who were disappointed. The others like it. I feel safe, ”explains Hélène Boutin, from Salon Fière Allure in the Saint-Sacrement district of Quebec.

Reactions remain very mixed. ” There is everything. Some would have liked it before and others find it appalling. Some will experience conflicts. This is not good news for our industry “, launches Stéphane Roy, president of the Association Coiffure Québec and co-owner of the Salon Oblic in Montreal. & Nbsp;

” It is not correct to serve scapegoat. This in no way improves the safety of hairdressers “, sums up the professional. & Nbsp;

Fewer clients

The idea of ​​losing a few customers is actually raised more than once in other businesses. & Nbsp;

“I am very happy to be able to work. If the price to pay is to have to check the vaccination passport, we will. We will lose more clients, but we will be open, ”adds Annick Veilleux, of Coiffure Chick-Allure, in Beauce.

“This is very bad news. As a self-employed worker, that will make us lose clients and wages. If several clients do not have their passport, that would be a real shame, however, believes another professional in aesthetics and massage therapy, who works in Chaudière-Appalaches.

“Playing at the police”

“We expected that. Not a single client has told me she has not been vaccinated. Except we're going to have to play the police. There was no outbreak in the living rooms. People cancel when they're not well. It puts holes in the schedule, but it's better that way. It's going to be fine here, ”says Martin Ménard, stylist for Le Kollectiv, on 3e Avenue, in Limoilou.

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