Vaccine anti-COVID-19: Medicago will test a second adjuvant

Vaccin anti-COVID-19: Medicago testera un second adjuvant

In addition to that of the giant british GSK, the biopharmaceutical company from Quebec Medicago to test the adjuvant by a second company in its experimental vaccine against the COVID-19.

To maximize its chances of success, Medicago will also test, in the context of clinical trials in humans should begin in mid-July, a version of its candidate vaccine containing an adjuvant, manufactured by the company california-based Dynavax, according to a news release issued Wednesday.

The adjuvant in question, the CpG 1018, already in the composition of a hepatitis B vaccine for adults that is approved in the United States. As the adjuvant from GSK, which will also be subject of the tests, it aims to activate the immune system of the individual who receives the vaccine, so as to amplify the effect of it. Thus, less antigen would be needed per dose of vaccine, to allow you to design more.

Recall that the Company hopes to know in September the first results of clinical trials of phase 1, which involved 180 participants from quebec. Studies of phases 2 and 3 will follow. If they are conclusive, the company whose head office is in Quebec city hopes to make available its vaccine in the first half of next year.

“The positive results of our preclinical trials are encouraging and confirm the capabilities of our platform to production plant. By using the adjuvant of Dynavax, we hope to maximize the number of doses that we will be able to produce, in order to provide protection against the COVID-19 to the largest number of people possible,” said Bruce Clark, president and chief executive officer of Medicago.


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