Vaccines: Johnson wants a “new era of cooperation”

Vaccins: Jonhson souhaite une «nouvelle ère de coopération»

The United Kingdom welcomes Thursday, a virtual summit designed to raise funds for the Alliance for vaccine (Gavi), the prime minister Boris Johnson is calling for a “new era of cooperation” in the world in terms of health response to the pandemic of novel coronavirus.

“I hope that this summit will be the moment where the world will gather to unite humanity in the fight against the disease”, he shall declare, according to extracts of his intervention disseminated through its services.

“I have called you to join us, to strengthen this alliance that saves lives and usher in a new era of global cooperation in health”, is to say Boris Johnson, whose country is the second-hardest hit by the virus, with nearly 40 000 deaths.

The United Kingdom is for the time being the most important contributor to the Gavi 1.65 billion pounds (1.85 billion euros) promised over the next five years.

During this virtual summit bringing together more than 50 countries and more than 35 heads of State and government, the Alliance hopes to raise $ 7.4 billion to continue the global campaigns of immunization against measles, polio, or typhoid, greatly disturbed by the epidemic of COVID-19.

The meeting should also allow to launch calls for funding for the purchase and production of any future vaccine against the disease COVID-19, as well as support for its distribution in developing countries.

For the vaccine against the coronavirus, the goal of the Alliance is to raise two billion dollars.

This summit comes at a time when the pandemic has exacerbated the attacks on multilateralism, between the breaking of Donald Trump with the world Health Organization (WHO) and the fears of a takeover on the future vaccines.

“It is of paramount importance, and we are in the process of happening, that there is an international consensus and support in the world to find a vaccine and provide it to all those who are vulnerable, because no one will be safe as long as everyone in the world will not”, said to AFP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, british minister of international Development.

While welcoming the establishment of a new fund to help developing countries to gain access to a future vaccine, Anna Marriott, in charge of the health at Oxfam, said in a press release that “the Gavi, and the governments that finance must first confront the monopoly power of the pharmaceutical industry, which stands on the path to a vaccine for people”.

“Taxpayers’ money should be invested in vaccines and treatments that are free of copyright and available for all nations at cost price”, she added.

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