Vaimalama Chaves announces a music album, Matthew Delormeau smashes this choice

Vaimalama Chaves announces a music album, Matthew Delormeau smashes this choice

Vaimalama Chaves knows what she will do after her reign of Miss France 2019. She just announce on Instagram, she goes to a singing career with the upcoming release of a music album. A bold choice, already bashed by Matthew Delormeau in TPMP People.

Vaimalama Chaves becomes a singer

Before making his scarf of Miss France, Vaimalama Chaves has just achieved one of his dreams. This Friday the 8th of November, the young woman has indeed put online ‘Winter Garden’, its recovery in the ukulele from the famous title of Henri Salvador. A surprise ? Not really as she has never hidden her love for the song.

And on this subject, Vaimalama Chaves has also announced that this Saturday, that this single marked the beginning of a new adventure ; that of a career in the song : “I can now tell you officially : in the past few months, I have worked extensively on full of beautiful songs, covers and previously unseen, that go to compose my first album “Good Vaïbes”. The adventure Miss France is soon to be completed, but it is a new chapter that opens up and I can’t wait to take you with me and my ukulele in the universe of this album which will be released on the 6th of December“.

Matthew Delormeau critical of this choice

A new direction that is already the happiness of his fans, but that does not really… Matthew Delormeau. At the time of its issuance TPMP People distributed this Friday, November 8 on C8, the facilitator is somewhat mocked for this choice.

After having allowed its columnists to criticize the talent of the Tahitian and asked the opinion of Rachel Legrain-Trapani, the former Miss France, “I find it good that it starts in this line of the song. Since the beginning anyway, she sang in the emissions“, Matthew Delormeau has pointed the finger at the small cynicism that lurks behind the various Miss.

Anyway Miss, you make me laugh, because all, all of you are the same ! It is : ‘Currently in Master of Law, Currently in a Master degree in Economy, Currently in a Master of machin and I want to resume my studies after all !’ And then after, nothing at all, you are doing all of the tv, you’re in the radius half of the reblochon at the Intermarché, you are influenceuses, you show off your breasts and you want your money !

Yes, one thing is for sure, Vaimalama Chaves will not pass on its plate for the promo…

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