Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019) soon to be singer ? She would prepare an album

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019) bientôt chanteuse ? Elle préparerait un album

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019) would even dream to become a singer and to prepare an album

Good news for Vaimalama Chaves, our Miss France in 2019, not already of what to do after the end of his reign that approach. In fact, the queen of beauty would work on a new album that should be out before 2020. Seen the golden voice she has and her talent for playing musical instruments, we are eager to listen to his songs.

Vaimalama Chaves could change your career

Despite his busy schedule, his return to Tahiti after his election, to his many travels around the world to different events and many causes to defend, Vaimalama Chaves would have a nice project planned after her reign of Miss France 2019. According to Tv Entertainment, the queen of beauty is currently busy preparing an album of songs”.

If some ex-Miss France have become chroniclers or facilitators for television (Rachel Legrain-Trapani in TPMP on C8), actresses in series (Linda Hardy in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1), or a writer of books (Laury Thilleman with recently 30 days to be on the top), Vaimalama Chaves prefers for it to turn to the song. The media has even assured that the release date of his album would be “imminent, since his disc should be available at the beginning of the month of December”.

What type of music will she sing ?

The site has however admitted not knowing if they will be a rap album, pop, rock or R & B : “If it is not yet known what style she wanted to address in this album, this promises to be a lot to talk about”. Seen what Vaimalama Chaves sings usually on social networks and in the press, it is said that it will be without doubts of the securities and the guitar voice (or even ukulele-voice) a little folk.

In addition to being beautiful, funny, committed, and adorable, Vaimalama Chaves has a beautiful voice and knows how to play musical instruments. Miss France in 2019, had a nice demo on the plateau of Daily life in front of Yann Barthes and his band but also in Purebreak at his coming in our writing. His talent unsuspected risk that you will melt, as long as she has a pretty voice.

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019) had already shown his talents as a singer and musician in a Daily basis

Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019) had already shown his talents as a singer and musician on PRBK

In a story Instagram pinned on his profile, Vaimalama Chaves has again recently shown that the music, she manages. Then necessarily, become a singer seems to be the logical follow-up to it.

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