Vaimalama Chaves : rant against a user after a review on the Miss France

Vaimalama Chaves : coup de gueule contre un internaute après une critique sur les Miss France

Vaimalama Chaves : rant against a user after a review on the Miss France

A few days of the election of Miss France 2020, a visitor had the bad idea to criticize the competition. What upset Vaimalama Chaves, the current Miss France in 2019, which prompted a rant on Instagram.

The Miss France criticised by a user

There are no more than a few days to Vaimalama Chaves to enjoy her title of Miss France. Then, on the occasion of a new ceremony, the young woman will be unfortunately forced to leave his crown to another candidate. An event that has become essential for millions of French, but not one of the followers of the new singer.

On Instagram, someone took advantage of his free time to criticize the competition broadcast on TF1 : “It’s a profession based solely on appearance and a physical target. Miss France will never represent the French woman, because the French-basic will NEVER be 50 kilos for 1m80. If Miss France was open to all kinds of women, ok… But then I don’t understand why this contest is called so“.

Rant of Vaimalama Chaves

An opinion far from unique – every year one has the right to the same old same old, which nevertheless seems to be tired Vaimalama Chaves. In the story, one that has left its place to Maeve Coucke in the contest Miss Universe 2019, has shared this message to respond to it publicly. And you will see, she is tired : “Mademoiselle, I lose patience. It is a beauty contest. In a competition, there is necessarily someone who is going to win, and given that we are all different, never Miss France may not represent the whole world“.

An answer that was not surprising for a Miss France is unaccustomed to the language of wood, it concluded by recalling the basics of the contest : “however, she has values and commitments in which we find ourselves and which can federate more than anything else“.

Good luck to Miss France 2020 to be as great as Vaimalama Chaves.

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