Valentine's Day: five films or series to watch to celebrate love differently

Valentine's Day: five films or series to watch for this celebration ;breate love differently


Love stories aren't as simple as Hollywood would have us believe. Beyond the protagonists that everything opposes and who end up falling into each other's arms, everyone approaches romantic feelings in a more realistic, more intriguing way. Here are five productions that dare to offer something different. 

(500) Days Together 

< p>(v.o. (500) Days of Summer)

The meeting between Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) is a real breath of fresh air in the landscape of romantic comedies. The young man is an idealist who believes in great love, while it is quite the opposite for the young woman who makes his heart beat. Their worlds will intertwine and allow them to live unforgettable moments. Without being an anti-romantic comedy, the film offers a vision of love that will delight those allergic to rose water.

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Free Trade

Adultery can jeopardize many couples and long-term relationships. Before reaching the point of no return and to save their love, François (Louis Morissette) and Marie (Marie-Claude Guérin) have decided to consult. However, the best decision they made was not that one, but rather that of drinking together before each of the sessions. They talk a lot, spend time listening to each other and take advantage of it to empty their hearts. Can these encounters save their relationship? The 10 short episodes contain the answer.

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Love Is Blind

What if you put aside appearance to develop a bond with a person who could lead you to true love? What if you agreed to get engaged without even having seen the one who could share your life? This is the concept of this reality show in which singles are ready to open up and be patient without knowing if what they will see will delight them. To satisfy his curiosity, it is enough simply… that a marriage proposal is accepted. Then things get out of hand, because the big day is due to take place only four weeks later.

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My Life with Liberace 

(v.o. Behind the Candelabra )

Some encounters can cause more than just sparks. They can generate real fireworks. That of the famous pianist Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson, at the end of the 1970s, is a perfect example. For five years, the adored artist and dog trainer lived a passion whose intensity would surely delight people eager for a burning love. This HBO TV movie brings together an exuberant Michael Douglas and a smitten Matt Damon.

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Modern Love

Every love story is unique. This is what makes some of them very intriguing. The New York Times Modern Love column highlights several out-of-the-ordinary love stories, interfering in passing with important life turning points like a wedding, a special date or an unexpected return. Moments that are touching, funny, sad and, best of all, screaming truth.

In addition, each episode features new protagonists. And there's no shortage of stars: Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Tina Fey, Andy Garcia… 

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