Valère Segal is the new mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit

Valère Segal is the new mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit

The chairman of the session Gérard Guillen passed the sash to the new mayor, Valère Segal. C. C. – Midi Libre

A municipal council meeting is being held this Tuesday, July 9 in the evening at the Pépin barracks.

65 days since the new team at the head of the city, the Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit list, was elected after a municipal by-election. The head of the list, Gérome Bouvier, having resigned for health reasons, a vote was taken for the new mayor this Tuesday, July 9, in the person of Valère Segal. Not without discussion and questions asked by members of the opposition from the Spiripontain Renewal (RN) list. Other resignations (in the majority as well as in the two opposition groups) having been registered by the prefecture, new advisors have also entered the deliberative assembly. We'll come back to that.

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