Valerie Plant condemns the looting of shops in the city centre of Montreal

Valérie Plante dénonce le saccage de commerces au centre-ville de Montréal

The mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante denounced Monday morning, the looting of businesses last night at the centre of the city of Montreal, in the margin of the peaceful demonstration in support of George Floyd, this African-American killed by a police officer in Minnesota.

“Demonstrate against racism and to demand that things change is noble and necessary. I can only condemn the actions of looters ransacked shops and that have nothing to do with this peaceful protest,” said the mayor, via Twitter.

The event, which began at 17 hours Sunday, took place peacefully. Later that evening, the police found illegal behavior, and ordered the dispersion. Tear gas was used. A few thugs were then broken glass and looted shops on the rue Sainte-Catherine.

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