Valérie Plante's party organizer reprimanded

Valérie Plante’s party organizer reprimanded


A City of Montreal employee violated his code of ethics by working for the political party of Mayor Valérie Plante, our Bureau of Investigation has learned.  

Laurent Richer-Beaulieu, who works in the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, was the subject of an internal investigation this winter for having participated in “&nbsp partisan activities» prohibited by the City's code of ethics. 

According to our information, Mr. Richer-Beaulieu was slapped on the knuckles for volunteering for Projet Montréal as part of the judicial recount of the results of last November's election in the district of Tétreaultville. 

At the same time, he was an employee responsible for supporting elected officials. 

A few weeks earlier, he had taken time off to work on the team's campaign. the mayor of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Pierre Lessard-Blais, also from Projet Montréal. 

Despite a report from the city's Comptroller General on his partisan activities filed this spring, Mr. Richer-Beaulieu has not seen his duties change. He is still responsible for bridging the gap between the public service and elected officials, including the two in opposition, Ensemble Montréal, which causes discomfort. 

“With staff who are politicized, it becomes very complicated to work. There is no bond of trust with the employees who are supposed to support us,” judge the municipal councilor for the district of Tétreaultville, Julien Hénault-Ratelle. 

His colleague in Louis-Riel , Alba Stella Zúñiga Ramos, believes that this situation makes her work as an elected representative “very complex”, particularly in terms of adequately following up on citizens' requests. 

Prohibited from communicating

According to our information, the climate has been tense for months in the borough. 

Here, he is seen going door to door in 2017 with the current mayor of Rosemont, François Limoges.

The two opposition elected officials indicate that Mayor Lessard-Blais has forbidden them to communicate with public servants, with the exception of support employees for elected officials.

“ Our questions are filtered by this team [avec M. Richer-Beaulieu, NDLR], affirms Ms Zúñiga Ramos. They always come back to us orally and sometimes they refuse to answer us. » 

Contacted by our Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Richer-Beaulieu claims to have followed the recommendations of his superior and human resources, before taking unpaid leave to participate in the electoral campaign.  

However, he did not want to answer our question about his participation in the judicial recount.  

“If [my] situation causes discomfort to an elected person, the latter has never told me personally. For 4 years, I performed my duties with integrity and loyalty to the City,” he said in a written message. 

No issue, according to the party

The chief of staff of Mayor Lessard-Blais, Marie Depelteau-Paquette, judges that the subject has been closed since the comptroller's report. 

< p>“He is an extremely competent employee. The borough director did not recommend that I remove him or change his responsibilities. I understand that [the elected officials of the opposition] do not have confidence, but they do not have more confidence in me, says the one who was previously executive director of Projet Montréal. 

Mrs. Depelteau-Paquette assures that the centralization of information is a “question of efficiency” and that there is “no filter”.  

“This has been the way of doing things since 2018 to avoid asking the same questions too frequently. different directions,” she says.