Valery Zhidkov of “95 Quarter” pointed out the imitation of each other in humor: “I was not a good actor”

Валерий Жидков из “Квартала 95” указал на подражание друг друга в юморе: “Я не был хорошим актером”

Valery Zhidkov

today, 09:07

Valery Zhidkov admitted that he considers himself solely a television persona and become a blogger in the social network or on YouTube wants.

He said this in an interview Znayu.

The star of “Kvartal 95” remembered how he took his first steps in a humorous direction.

“What I started? It was more literary and stage humor. It was called in the Soviet Union satires, some monologues”, – shared the artist.

Валерий Жидков из “Квартала 95” указал на подражание друг друга в юморе: “Я не был хорошим актером”

Valery Zhidkov

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Currently growing in popularity are the various stand-up shows including “rare”. Valery admitted to “roasting”, which harshly ridicule someone is not ready, but stand-up is the most progressive comic genre. According to Zhidkova, stand-up to Ukraine came from Russia.

“Stand-up probably came first on TNT in Russia, let’s be honest! It was copying American, British direction, because we have this niche was not occupied and its quite properly took the guys from Comedy club. But it was more of a post-Kunowski fformat. With about the same pieces I played in the “block”. We can compete in quality, but the shape was about the same. Namely, the popular stand-we began to echo from Technolo. Accordingly, a TV platform, which appeared in Moscow, some time was understandable guideline for all who wanted this genre to be realized. Imitated each other, parodied”, – said the comedian.

At the time, and Valery was trying to master this genre.

“Now I’m looking at it, remember – its the little things, but rather the imitation of someone else. Then gradually, when it grew in me, I realized that this is the most progressive comic genre, because in the current reality, no surprise when a beautiful picture, the bright stage, and when the form goes to second place and leaves the place content, the stand – up style that will quickly take their space, including in Ukraine. Again, this is a genre where you can be yourself, which for me is very important. I’ve never been a good actor, was never able to get into someone else’s role, to play it”, – summed up artist.

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Also Znayu reported, what was the potential danger of the “Women’s Quarter”.

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