Valery Zhidkov revealed inside the kitchen “Women’s Quarter”: “making sacrifices”

Валерий Жидков раскрыл внутреннюю кухню “Женского Квартала”: “Жертвуют многим”

Valery Zhidkov and Women’s Quarter

today, 19:30

Of “95 Quarter” most “Women’s Quarter” are engaged in Valery Zhidkov with Elena Zelensky and Alexander Pikalov. It belongs to them the idea and design of this project.

In an interview Znayu liquid uncovered inside the kitchen “Women’s Quarter”: for whom was this project and why it is liked by the audience.

“This is our project, our idea is that we from scratch brought to the scene and implemented. Pre-project modeling, then held auditions. I, Lena and Sasha Zelensky Pikalov are the main editors and producers. Sasha is the Director of the project. We attract to script the other as groups, adjust their ideas are directed in the right direction, we collected the concert”, – said the liquid.

Валерий Жидков раскрыл внутреннюю кухню “Женского Квартала”: “Жертвуют многим”

Valery Zhidkov and Women’s Quarter

According to the “father” of the “Women’s Quarter”, project managed and strategic objectives are fulfilled.

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“When creating a project, you have to understand what it will be and for whom. Target audience set, we managed to attract quite firmly, plus it was wider than we expected. Maybe it’s just rough, but the concept for this show was for office workers in big cities. Is age 23+: girls with higher education, who in the pursuit of career, making sacrifices, and personal life including. In our society it is the most unprotected category of people. They spend their years and then be in a strange situation. This is not only happening in our country – a similar story we have seen in the TV series “Sex in the city”. This is a trend world – apparently a side effect of emancipation, and other events”, – commented Valery Zhidkov.

He noted that the women’s peace feminism helped them to unite the audience. In addition, the writer admitted, how can this understanding of women.

“I don’t know, – he said. – I love women. I always quickly and easily find common language with them. Among my friends was always a lot of girls talked a lot and quite deep in terms of themes and dive into each other. I maybe know a little better than they show on our TV, in the movies, as they write about it. Our stereotypes I have outgrown: the man – the chief in the family and other nonsense. All this chaff, which is imposed on us from childhood and we were glued, very easy to clean off with yourself. It is enough to see the “Women’s Quarter”. They prove that the girl in our society can be successful and keep your integrity and doing what she created and what she wants to do.”

According to Zhidkova, “Women’s Quarter” has found its audience, and most importantly for any project.

“On the third concert we watched, when mounted it’s all I’ve seen the girls that we were looking for! They are not blinking watching the whole concert through and miss all that you see on stage, associating himself with the heroes of the rooms. I realized, these are our people, they have not let go. It took another two-three broadcast, it turned out that these girls are brought men. These men tell the others, and we the audience was much wider than we had planned. It’s very cool!” – summed up artist.

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