Valium in the coffee of a colleague

Du valium dans le café d’un collègue

A welder who had put valium in the coffee of a colleague with whom he had played in is released with a year of prison at home, followed by a period of probation.

“What you have done is not trivial, the consequences could have been dramatic,” quipped the judge Jean-Jacques Gagné, Michel Julien, Monday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Julien, 61 years old, is a welder who worked for a Montreal-based company-Is in October 2018. He also had alcohol problems, so well that he had consumed at work.

Aware of this, the colleague had denounced Julien. The latter, angry and feeling harassed, has wanted to get revenge.

Coffee addict

“He put valium in the coffee of her colleague, in the workplace,” explained the lawyer of the defense, Philippe Grenier.

Under the effect of the anxiolytic with sedative properties, the victim began to fall asleep at the job. Knowing that she had been drugged without his knowledge, she came home, in the car, at the beginning of the rush hour.

Fortunately, the victim did not have any accident, noted the judge.

Julien was quickly dismissed.

It boasts

The crime would have gone unnoticed, except that Julien could not help but to boast about it to other colleagues. And during the search of the home of Julien, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, investigators found a hunting weapon that the accused be held without a licence, and ammunition improperly stored.

Accused criminal, Julien has finally pleaded guilty to administering a noxious substance, of threats, as well as on the managers in connection with the hunting weapon.

“It was a period where I was very depressed,” said Julien, who was caught five times driving while impaired.

In addition to his one-year prison home, Julien must comply with a probation period of three years.

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