Valoris borrows $ 2.5 million in working capital

The Régie intermunicipale Valoris adopted two borrowing bylaws on April 26 to acquire working capital and the purchase of a compactor.
In the first case, the projected loan amounts to $ 2.5 million. “Working capital is normal in a large company. The goal is to prepare for unforeseen events. We could then solve them quickly. We create it, we make it available, but we do not use it “, summarizes Jean-François Sornin, general manager of Valoris.

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This amount will only be disbursed if the Board deems it appropriate and will not be injected into the operating budget. “We are able to cover our expenses for a full year, but we do not have room to maneuver. It’s uncomfortable. A loan settlement takes months to complete. ”

Valoris thus seeks to avoid, for example, revenue losses related to mechanical failure. “If a sorting chain remains shut down for three months pending the loan settlement, there would be financial consequences. We thought it was a good strategy to deal with the unexpected. ”


The purchase of a $ 1.1M compactor is necessary because the current equipment has reached the end of its useful life. “It is equipment used to crush residual materials to limit the space they occupy. We do not have the choice to have this equipment in a landfill. ”

The taxpayers of Sherbrooke and Haut-Saint-François who wish to oppose the approval of these by the Minister of Municipal Affairs must contact him within 30 days of the publication of a public notice.

As for the recovery plan expected at the beginning of the year, it is still under development. “We have a draft. It’s going well, but we have to go through some stages, “commented Mr. Sornin laconically.

“It is very reasonable to think of depositing it in 2018.”

Valoris is still waiting for the visit of Environment Minister Isabelle Melançon, whom she hoped for in March after a meeting with the Minister of the Economy of Science and Innovation, Dominique Anglade. “We are waiting for an appointment. We expect it to happen in May or June. ”

Finally, the two sorting lines closed last year, the residential line and that of industries, businesses and institutions, are still inactive. That related to the residues of construction, renovation and demolition has never ceased its activities.

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