Value of teams: again and again the Cowboys

Team value: again and again the Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys top Forbes magazine's rankings for the seventh consecutive year, with a value of $8 billion. 

The specialized media has unveiled its annual top 50 on Thursday and it must be deduced that the Texas dealership is in excellent financial health, as its value has climbed 67% in one year; it was $5.7 billion in 2021.

Once again, the NFL is at the heart of the prestigious list, since 30 of its 32 teams are on it. The top four in class are teams from the Goodell circuit. The New England Patriots ($6.4 billion), Los Angeles Rams ($6.2 billion) and New York Giants ($6 billion) follow behind the Cowboys. The organization breaking the NFL's monopoly within the quintet is that of the wealthy New York Yankees (MLB), who find themselves tied with the Giants at $6 billion. Major League Baseball has just five reps in the 50 hierarchy.

For its part, Canada is completely excluded from this ranking, as are the National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Soccer (MLS). Thus, the 50th club – Chelsea – is worth $3.1 billion. In the NHL, the leaders are the New York Rangers and are at $2 billion. On the MLS side, Los Angeles FC dominates with $860 million.

The top 50 organizations represent $222.7 billion in combined value. This total is up 30% – the largest in five years – from the previous year.

Highest Value Professional Sports Concessions

1-Dallas Cowboys (NFL), $8 billion

2-New England Patriots (NFL), $6.4 billion

3-Rams Los Angeles (NFL), $6.2 billion

4-New York Giants (NFL), $6 billion

4-New York Yankees (MLB), $6 billion $

6-New York Knicks (NBA), $5.8 billion

6-Chicago Bears (NFL), $5.8 billion

8-Washington Commanders (NFL), $5.6 billion

8-Golden State Warriors (NBA), $5.6 billion

10-Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), $5.5 billion

*Source: “Forbes” magazine