Valyukha of “Matchmakers” paid for a long tongue, as taught a lesson to the darling Quarter 95

Валюха из "Сватов" поплатилась за длинный язык, как проучили любимицу Квартала 95

Tatyana Kravchenko in the series “Matchmakers”, photo YouTube

yesterday, 20:20

Actress Tatyana Kravchenko, known for her role as Valentina Budko from the series “Matchmakers”, he blocked a personal page in the network Instagram.

No official version of why it has blocked the page, but fans of the actress have a very interesting version. According to fans, the producers of the series “Matchmakers” turned to Instagram and postroilis on the actress especially for her took the opportunity to tell stories and share photos.

The fact that now you are shooting the 7-on season series, which the audience waited for a long time. The series is preparing a new twisted plot points and conflicts. In addition, the series will have new characters.

Валюха из "Сватов" поплатилась за длинный язык, как проучили любимицу Квартала 95

The series “Matchmakers” photo screenshot

Actress Kravchenko in return, very actively shared information about shooting events on the set, shared photos with the other actors. Thus, the actress accidentally without malicious intent leaked a large amount of important information that must remain secret in order to surprise the viewer. Therefore, in the opinion of Internet users, the producers of the series “Matchmakers” interested in the fact that the actress couldn’t broadcast. Fans of the star hope that soon the page will return and they will continue to observe the life of their favorite artist.

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