“Van Adventure” : a shoot that is more complex than last year

«Van Aventure» : un tournage plus complexe que l’an dernier

MONTREAL – Dominic Arpin takes again a great breath of fresh air across Quebec this summer. The adventurer comes back in his van fully equipped for a second season of “Van Adventure”, which will offer new vistas of Quebec to Escape the next year. But the threat of the COVID is also of the journey…

We joined Dominic Arpin him home, where he made a stop between two excursions, the duration of which varies from five days to two weeks. This year, COVID requires, the facilitator and his team must return regularly to the house to do washing, shopping and plenty of food before leaving to turn segments “Van Adventure” on another part of the province.

Arpin do not hide : the pandemic significantly complicate the journey.

“We have a way of working quite different from last year,” he says. It has been a bit stressful, because we had had the agreement for a second season, but we do not know if we would be able to do that, if the regions were to be open to see us disembark. The fact of engaging in outdoor activities makes our job easier, it is never inside, but there are still activities more difficult to do in times of COVID, which require more logistics and gymnastics. This is not a shoot as easy as last year, but to date, it’s coming. And, ultimately, it will give a good show.”

New landscapes

Among other complications, the technicians who focus on Dominic, his dog Mika, and, sometimes, his son Thomas and his wife Annie on the inside of his cramped vehicle have some time in trouble with the instructions of social distancing difficult to follow, because of lack of space.

“It’s been that the team is sometimes forced to photograph us through the windows,” says Dominic.

But the beauty of “Van Adventure” will not be affected and you will discover new regions of Quebec.

“We really had a desire to go where we had not been able to go during the first season. It is grand, Quebec! It comes in a 10-day stay on the North Shore, we had not visited last year. We went in the Outaouais region, one part in the Témiscamingue region next week and we will also go to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.”

Varied activities

Dominic Arpin was also not repeated in the second part the activities already tried out in “Van Adventure”.

“The open air, it is wide, but there are not a hundred thousand things we can do : canoe, kayak, paddle board, bike, hike… We had touched not bad at all. So we dug the head to find sports and outdoor activities that it had not yet been made, or find a new “twist” to explore new facets of sports.”

Him who had found it difficult to experience caving in the first right to “Van Adventure” is likely to commit again in the exploration of caves in the side of the cliff into the lake Temiscaming, and will descend into the caves carved out by the waves and tides in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine. Ultra-light aeroplane and “gravel bike” are also included in his itinerary.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the 30th June last, the brave ran his first ultra-marathon of 50 kilometers, at Orford, during which family and friends – including Vincent Vallières, who wrote the music of “Van Adventure” – he kept all kinds of surprises, images that will be included in the program.

Finally, Dominic Arpin will confront his fear of heights with rock climbing on a high wall at Kamouraska and the via ferrata in the Outaouais region.

“It’s what makes good tv, because every time, one sees in my face how I am not well,” says he, laughing.

The second season of “Van Adventure” will be released to Escape in the spring of 2021, and the first season will be presented to VAT at the same time. Dominic Arpin will also jump back to the animation of “Vlog” this fall.

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