Vancouver: waste water tested to prevent a second wave

Vancouver: eaux usées testées pour prévenir une deuxième vague

VANCOUVER | The wastewater of the metropolitan area of Vancouver are currently being tested to determine if traces of the COVID-19 are present in communities who have had no confirmed cases of the virus. The results could lead to see a second wave and to better cope with it.

The study is conducted in the regional district, which comprises more than twenty municipalities in collaboration in collaboration with the Centre for disease control British Columbia, which has already conducted similar tests to detect other viruses, including norovirus.

According to the microbiologist environmental Centre for disease control, Natalie Prystajecky, speaking to the daily “The Province”, it is a method that has been used in the netherlands. Researchers have been able to confirm the presence of COVID-19 in places where there were yet no traces of contamination among the population.

Dr. Prystajecky and his team are currently working on the creation of a database in order to possibly prevent a second wave of the COVID-19. The researchers, equipped with protective equipment, since we do not know yet if the human waste can transmit the virus – gathered samples in a large industrial plant water filtration of the greater Vancouver area.

At the last update, Saturday, the British Columbia consisted of 2709 cases of infection to the COVID-19 and 168 deaths.

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