Vanessa Hudgens separate Austin Butler : it would be close to another man

Vanessa Hudgens séparée d'Austin Butler : elle se serait rapprochée d'un autre homme

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Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere of West Side Story Revival on Broadway. It was during the after party of the show that it would be close to another man

Freshly single, Vanessa Hudgens would be ready to get back in a couple. Indeed, while it is separate to Austin Butler after 8 years of relationship, the actress would be much closer to the other man. That ? Dharon E. Jones, an actor present in the new version of West Side Story on Broadway. It was also during the after-party of the premiere of the musical that they would déhanchés glued-tight all evening.

Vanessa Hudgens close to a Broadway star ?

In January 2020, the fans of Vanessa Hudgens learned that she and her man Austin Butler were separated after 8 years of love. A long relationship in Hollywood, which will eventually finish. While the reasons for this failure would be related to the long distance that lay between them for several shoots, the actress would be close to another man. When it ? On February 20, 2020, at the after-party of the premiere of the revival of West Side Story on Broadway in New York. It’s Page Six who released the rumor, stating that it is with one of the stars of the musical comedy, Dharon E. Jones, the heroine of the saga High School Musical would have been very complicit in it.

Dharon E. Jones plays one of the main roles (Riff, the leader of the gang of the Jets) this new adaptation of West Side Story. Several sources who were present at the launch party and after-party were assured that Vanessa Hudgens and actor would have done a “dirty dancing” (yes, like the title track of the cult movie), that is to say, a “dance dirty”, ultra sexy.

“Dharon and Vanessa, freshly single, was not really shy about their encounter and their dance” have told sources in the tabloid, “ending even on a raised platform in the process of executing their best moves in front of a crowd of applause”.

They would have exchanged numbers

The star that you have recently been able to see in the movies The princess of Chicago and The alchemy of Christmas on Netflix seems to be rather well-to live his celibacy. After being tattooed a new tattoo and you have posted several evenings with friends on the social networks, Vanessa Hudgens would be ready to turn the page of Austin Butler. Not only are the two actors would have spent the evening to move their hips against one another, but they would not conceal their mutual attraction. In fact, the one who has shared the life of Zac Efron and his possible future boyfriend “exchanged numbers” of phone.

It should be noted that in addition to the new version of the famous musical on Broadway, West Side Story will also be entitled to a new film adaptation. The film will be directed by Steven Spielberg, with Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler, a high school student unknown, in the title roles of Tony and Maria. The release is scheduled for December 2020.

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